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Eggplant, potato and goat cheese gratin

Eggplant, potato and goat cheese gratin

What this lacks in looks it makes up for in flavour. Layers of baked eggplant (aubergine), tomato, potato and Australian Goat cheese, studded with fresh thyme, lemon zest and black olives. Great for "Meat free Mondays " or add a piece of our chargrilled chicken breast to boost up your protein.

  • Ingredients

    eggplant, potato, tomato, onion, cream, olive, goat cheese, lemon, salt, pepper

  • Nutritional Information (per serving)

    Calories 238
    Fats (g) 13
    Saturates (g) 5
    Carbs (g) 18
    Fibre (g) 7
    Protein (g) 8
    Salt (mg) 0.8
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