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PrEP+Apple, honey and cinnamon muffin

This PrEP+Apple, Honey and Cinnamon Muffin is a delicious way to enjoy classic flavours in a bakery-style low calorie muffin. Filled with extra protein and a hint of honey, this muffin is the perfect way to indulge in a healthy snack. The combination of the tart apple, sweet honey and aromatic cinnamon is sure to tantalise your taste buds. Enjoy a guilt-free snack today with this PrEP+Apple, Honey and Cinnamon Muffin!

Sold in a pack of 2

  • Ingredients

    Flour, apple, milk, low fat margaringe, stevia, egg, soy protein, oat milk, honey, lemon, flavoring, baking soda, bi-carbonate soda, spices

  • Nutritional Information (per serving)

    Calories 133
    Fats (g) 4
    Saturates (g) 1
    Carbs (g) 15
    Fibre (g)  
    Protein (g) 9
    Salt (mg) 62
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